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It’s not about racism….

I’ve been seeing and reading a lot of articles about #blacklivesmatter and #endracism. I’m sure you’ve been inundated as well regarding news of protests, riots and violence as a reaction to the murder of George Floyd by a police officer. Many people, including wellness leaders and my colleagues, are reliving and remembering their past experiences with racism. Some are vulnerability sharing their stories.  Some of these stories may help others get into a place of compassion to end racism once and for all.

I’m not going to tell you my personal stories about racism, not because it wasn’t important in my development of who I am today. And not because it didn’t hurt me when I was a child. The reason I’m not going to go into those stories is because I feel they are irrelevant to what’s really going on in the world.

Whaaa? Irrelevant?

Yes, for the most part. I’m a big picture gal.  That means I fly above the fray and view the energies from a different perspective.  What is obvious to all is usually not what is really going on. I look for foundational patterns whether that be reactions, responses or resistance.

One major theme that has been cropping up over and over again is the repetitive attempts to control the hearts and mind of humanity through media. It’s like there is an organized attempt to experiment on the “Sheeple”: on the planet to see how far we can be pushed before we react. When there is too much peace in the world, there is some event that coincidentally happens to rile us up again. The experiments are getting bigger to see how much we can be controlled and how far we can be pushed before we say Enough!

If you missed my YouTube video from last week regarding my response to the George Floyd incident you can watch it below.

It’s about the four major ways we are being manipulated and the four ways to breakaway to freedom!

Many people get swept up in the wave of emotion, indignation and energies of “calling for justice”. In one meme I read, it said something like, “Peace is justice being served.”

I disagree.

Peace has nothing to do with justice.  Justice is a perception in our limited human minds of what we think “should” happen so there is “fairness”.  Fairness is just another mind construction! There is no such thing! While people are literally stuck in their righteousness, they are totally missing the manipulation! It’s so predictable.

So, what is peace?

Peace is actually a frequency, a resonance. You can BE peace right now, in this moment. You can take back your sovereignty in this moment. All it takes is your willingness to let go of all the subconscious thoughts and habits that keep you locked into reacting instead of responding from a place of consciousness.

Yeah, you’re thinking “That sounds hard”.

Well, it is and it isn’t.  It depends on your commitment and how you go about it.

For me, I like easy. I like fast. I like effective.

It can be hard if you think it is hard. Why not think, “It’s easy!” or “It’s gonna be easy!”

Here’s my formula if you’d like to do it for yourself

Dr. Karen Kan's Peace Emerging Protocol


  • Step 1 Attention – Pay attention to your body. Really notice its vibration. Notice any internal movement. In this way, you’re bringing all your energy circuits into the present moment, where you have the most power to create.
  • Step 2: Intention – Using your brilliants mind’s ability, decide what peace looks like, feels like in your life, in your town, in your country. Really feel it in your body.
  • Step 3: Manifestation – Say this TOLPAKAN™ Healing Directive slowly and with intention: “I now command that any energies, thoughts, habits, patterns, addictions etc. that prevent me from resonating the frequency of Peace be immediately healed and resolved. I command that the positive morphic fields of peace, love, joy, acceptance and oneness be downloaded and activated in me, my space, my neighborhood, my town, my country, my planet, my solar system, my galaxy, my universe (see each of these in your mind) in the highest and best way, all directions of time with ease and grace. Thank you!”

Just by paying attention to the movement inside your body (I called it STOIM – Stillness through Observing Internal Movement) periodically throughout the day, your mind focuses itself and you become fully present.  When you pay attention and set intentions, you become centered. When you set intentions and create a manifestation, you tap into your creativity. When you create a positive manifestation and pay attention to the positive results, you gain control of your life!

If you want me to walk you through it, check out this live healing I did free on Facebook, which is now up on YouTube HERE.

Let me know how this feels and how well it worked for you and your town! Comment below.





Karen Kan
  • Lynn Karin Prilliman
    Posted at 13:09h, 06 June Reply

    I agree with you, love your healing directive, been blessing the rain with the spirit of love, joy, peace, freedom in my town and state. I love that you always have a solution!!! I work the same way!

    • Karen Kan
      Posted at 15:56h, 07 June Reply

      Thanks awesome Lynn! Thanks for your valuable contribution!

    • Karen Kan
      Posted at 17:19h, 06 August Reply

      Awesome Lynn!

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