Life Response Frequencies with Jeffrey Gignac

Have you noticed that there’s way too much anxiety and stress going around?

Everywhere I look, I see people spreading it. It’s like a disease that has become a viral epidemic.

I’m not trying to spread more of it by pointing this out.

On the contrary, I want to give you something that can help you right now…

The gift of Peace and Harmony

Stress, anxiety and overwhelm are the enemies of Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Health.

There’s not a single psychologist, doctor or neuro-scientist that would disagree. Not a one!

They all agree because anxiety and overwhelm prevent you from accessing your higher brain functions and your capacity to respond appropriately to life.

If our outside world is a reflection of our inside-world, we can tell a lot about the lack of peace and harmony that most people must be missing in their lives.

I recently read an article from world renowned brainwave expert Jeffrey Gignac on manifestation and building the life you want to live.  He’s given me permission to publish this excerpt titled:

The Greatest Manifestation Secret Ever Told but Often Ignored.

Here it is. It’s well worth the read!

Over the years, I’ve discovered that at the very core of life’s most sticky problems is this:

“Reacting and overreacting to what Life brings is the root cause of most of our pain, suffering and disappointment.”

Overreacting is the root cause of most of our problems as individuals and for humanity.

Overreacting is what keeps us from realizing our true potential …. It slows our growth; our skill development and it negatively impacts our decision-making process.

“Conversely, when we respond appropriately to what life hands us, we are in the best possible position to solve problems, navigate through chaos and create for our highest good in harmony with the “big picture” that is our life and purpose.”

“Day by day, as we begin to respond appropriately to life with all its giving’s and misgivings, we put ourselves in the best possible position to influence what life will hand us in the future.”

Manifestation is a product of our day to day choices and the emotions that drive them.

Manifestation is the product of our moment to moment – the quality of our moments and the choices that they bear, defines our future.

Lack of self-confidence, being stuck in a negative loop, the inability to make good choices are, by definition, overreactions.

Overwhelm is an overreaction. Virtually all things that bring us pain, suffering and disappointment are born of overreactions.

The path of least resistance (easiest way) for transforming our lives is to better respond to life as it happens.

To let our lives be governed by overreactions is to give up our free will and to doom ourselves to a life of bad choices and inappropriateness.

To let our lives be defined by overreactions is to separate ourselves from our intuition, our creative power of manifestation and spiritual guidance.

“As we continue to respond appropriately to life’s giving’s and misgivings, we allow our intuition, our creative genius and the guidance that comes from our god-selves to grow and flourish. We begin living with love and purpose.”

Today, I encourage you to take a positive step to responding appropriately to life regardless of what it brings by exploring the energy of peace and harmony

  • Jeffrey Gignac

Wow! I personally think Jeffrey nailed it! Go check out his free gift of peace and harmony here

And here is the super-coolest thing: Jeffrey agreed to be interviewed on my Light Warrior Radio show Monday April 8th (that’s tomorrow!) so that YOU can ask him questions LIVE about amazing new brain technology that helps you achieve high vibrational levels with a lot less “work”.

Here are the details:



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