LifeWave Patching to Enhance Meditation and Relaxed States of Consciousness

During this week's LifeWave broadcast, Dr. Dennis and I are going to discuss how to use the LifeWave patches on unique acupuncture points to reinforce the energy of meditation, relaxed states of consciousness, increase bio-coherence, boost mental clarity and spatial clairvoyance, and enhance health.

This involves torsion field physics, as there are torsion fields around chakras same as acupuncture points and DNA tesseracts.  Topics of focus will include Nirvana, Alavida, and Energy Enhancer patches placed in ways that calm spirit or shen. There will even be discussion on how the pattern of energy fields in and around the body's sacred geometry appear to be affected by the LifeWave patches.

To join us on this LIVE broadcast on Monday November 5th at 12PM EST, click here or dial 818-514-1190 and press 1 to ask questions!


Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
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