LIGHT WARRIOR WISDOM Mistake # 10: You are Missing the Big Picture

Welcome to another video of the Light Warrior Wisdom Series.

In this video we are talking about another common mistake amongst Light Warriors: failure to see the big picture. This causes us to focus on bad experiences, victimizing yourself through them all. Of course we often forget that there is another option, and that is to remind ourselves of the big picture.

In every life, we evolve, and as we go ahead and evolve and expand, we are going to encounter new challenges along the way. If you don’t see the big picture, then there is something in the way that needs to be analyzed. Working with Light Warriors from all around the world allows me to really get the intimate key on why they are here and what their purposes are.

For example, let’s say that a Light Warrior has experienced child abuse. When we figure out this person’s soul mission, we may realize that they are here to create a more positive morphic field. It's like a blueprint set up to help other people overcome the same issue. Thus, their mission is to help other people who have been abused.

So the moral of today's story, your past can change and reinforce your life and moronic field, no matter what you have come through. You are here to help others heal and what you have faced you have faced for a reason.

Until the next video!

Love & light,

Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
  • Eva Warweg
    Posted at 11:55h, 07 August Reply

    Hi Karen, yes, to See the Great Picture is necessary. But to Build a new morphic field is it also necessary to have clients in Order to make the Field stronger. In my case I have had a sex. abuse in my childhood. A collegue told me , that I wanted unconciosly to prevent other Children for the abuse. That is also a great picture. But I prefer to give coaches for People to overcome their abuse. But in my case, their are no clients for this issue. Greetings

    • Dr. Karen Kan
      Posted at 13:20h, 07 August Reply

      Eva, you do not need clients to build a stronger field. For some people their soul mission isn’t working with clients and if not, the universe will not support this desire. For some, just BEING in the state of empowerment is a positive morphic field that supports all others of this type in this world and strengthens it. So when you are fully empowered, which has NOTHING to do with what’s happening in the outside world, then you reinforce this field for those with similar circumstances! Doing your Soul Mission Matrix and Soul Experience Template would be very helpful. Are you coming to the event in September 2018? http://superchargeyourhealingpowers.com. Dr. Karen

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