LIGHT WARRIOR WISDOM Mistake #5: Others’ Stuff Bogs You Down

In the new Light Warrior Wisdom video, we are talking about the 5th mistake common amongst Light Warriors: there is a lack of understanding in regards to how to handle others' stuff.

What do you do with it? What I recommend is that you connect to Source. I use divine muscle testing to do so, and ask some questions like “Is it for my highest greatest good to feel this person's stuff?” Sometimes it is, because it's your role to help them heal. If that's the case then you go ahead and send love and healing to them, which of course can be done in many different ways. My favorite method is through a program I purchased that has a lot of healing frequencies. I simply go ahead and command and direct these frequencies to that particular target and voila, one method in dealing with other peoples' stuff.
What's cool? Usually at that moment of sending, I stop feeling their stuff. Pretty cool, huh?
So the same thing goes if you're feeling somebody else's stuff. Say your mom's stuff, and you find that it isn't for your highest & greatest good to be feeling it at that point. Here you may want to check how healthy your boundaries are: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and dimensional. If they aren't healthy you can use Tolpakan healing, for example, to increase those boundaries to restore them to 100 percent. Thus another method in dealing with other peoples' stuff.
Like I said, there are lots of different ways to approach this problem, but the most important common thread is knowing what to do with the feelings once they are acknowledged.
More to come next time, but for now blessings to you all.
Dr. Karen Kan


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