LIGHT WARRIOR WISDOM Mistake #6: You Want to BE Normal

In this new mistake video, we're going to talk about normalcy.

So you want your life to be normal. You want to be normal. How many times have you thought to yourself “oh I just want to be normal!”? I can tell you I did!

When I was suffering from symptoms of extra sensitivity, I was so overly sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies that I would practically melt when I was next to a cell phone or when I was feeling other people's negative energies or negative emotions. No one else seemed to have the same problem as me, not the people around me at least, so I just felt weird and special- in a bad way. So I kept longing to be normalbut I came to find out being normal is highly subjective and overrated, not to mention it's far from synonymous with being happy.

Seriously, trust me on this one.

What you really want is to be the best you can be- balanced, happy and aligned with your true purpose.

What you're here to do resonates as a frequency, and that sensitivity is a superpower because being normal does not bring you happiness.

There are many seemingly normal people out there that are totally miserable. You don't want to be them, and besides, you can't be them because you are here for a greater purpose, you are here for a very special sole mission that is unique to you! Don't think for a moment you can get out of it!

So we can't even get you out of it. OK. Then what do we do?

Embrace it.

Stop feeling like you want to be normal. You know once you give up that attachment there's a heck of a lot more freedom if you just let go. Tell yourself “Yeah. Ok, I'm not normal. I am special. I am sensitive.” Say it to yourself enough and you'll believe it!

This opens up avenues of healing and wellness to you once you're ready to let go of that label of normal.


Dr. Karen Kan


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Karen Kan
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