LIGHT WARRIOR WISDOM Mistake #7: If Only Life Were Easy, I’d Be Happy

In today's Light Warrior Wisdom video, we're going to talk about Mistake number 7, AKA being convinced that if life were only easier, you'd be happy as can be.

Are you convinced that being free of problems with the boss, money, love, etc. would mean bing happy? Just a quick reality scoop, this is not how it works.

Happiness is an inside job, like a sense of peace and calm. Of course, working around the clock on this inner sense would be extremely challenging, but once you come to this place of understanding inner peace, you become much more aware of how to manifest the sensation, essentially diminishing energy required to achieve it. You might notice you feel happy because of surprises, or winnings, but what  JOY really is is an underlying foundation, no matter what happens in your life. It does not rely on external circumstances.

The secret of happiness is something that you achieve whilst working on yourself and working with Source- we need to recognize that we are one with Source.

If we are in that state of beingness in our waking hours, what happens is that our perception of the morphic fields become more strong. Pay attention when this happens, especially at the beginning. Why you might ask? Because we tend to shut ourselves off, forgetting TO BE. You can have hard times in your daily life, but inside, being able to sense and perceive, you can sense peace within you through it all.

So, do not wish for an easier life, but for the inspiration to be in a place of peace no matter what happens in your life!


Dr. Karen Kan


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Karen Kan
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