Little Known Health Benefits of Bacon

How to Cook Bacon so it is actually Healthy for you

Yes, you heard that right, we are talking about bacon being healthy. See, bacon has gotten an unfair bad rep due to WHERE people purchase bacon and how they are cooking it.

We rarely hear about what bacon DOES do for the human body, including it's ability to increase your Vitamin D levels, improve fatty acid profile, help your body detox, stabilize blood sugar, and even reduce some other symptoms including anxiety and mood swings. And let's be honest, bacon’s salt and savory sweetness make it a delicious treat (that you don't have to feel guilty about eating any more, Woo Hoo!)

I know what you're thinking.. “But what about the fat, cholesterol and sodium in bacon?”

Join me on Monday as I chat with “Naughty Nutritionist” Dr. Kaayla Daniel to talk about the little known health benefits of bacon including:

  • Debunking the health myths surrounding bacon (why are they out there in the first place?)
  • Why you should be cooking with Bacon fat
  • How to cook and buy Bacon so that it is “healthy”
  • Why Turkey Bacon is not a “healthier option”

We will be opening up the phone lines to your questions at the end of the show, so be sure to call in!

Monday, November 9th at 12 pm Noon Eastern 

Call in with your questions at: (818) 514-1190

Tune in via internet at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2015/11/09/the-health-benefits-of-bacon-with-dr-kaayla-daniel

(Can't join us live? That's ok! Just click the link above anytime after the show airs to access the recording)


Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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