Love Them Into The Light

During the course of the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing with you my “Dealing with the Dark” series, where I will be teaching you TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method tips as it pertains to Entity and ET interference and clearing.

There are a lot of wonderful healing modalities and traditions out there, however, there are very few accessible to the public that has the expertise to clear entities with ease and grace.

Some of the ancient methods of entity clearing involve binding and/or banishing entities. These are very old methods that have been passed down through many generations. They worked in the past, in that they successfully got rid of demons who were bothering the living, but these methods no longer resonate with the new energies of Ascension where polarizing opposites give way to Oneness.

People like me, angelic and Starseed souls incarnated as humans, are offering a different perspective: one of love. Instead of binding or banishing entities, why not heal them? Why not support the elevation of their vibration so that they no longer WANT to harm others and they can evolve to their next stage of spiritual development?

Out of fear and separation, ancient societies were taught that evil is evil and thus all evil must be vanquished and defeated. But what if you had a child who was brought up to hate, beaten into submission, and told lies their entire life so that they were terrorized and told they would be vaporized by the Light? Would you tie that child up in chains and throw him in a dungeon to rot for all eternity? Or would you clean that child, nourish that child, love that child, and teach that child the truth? (whilst having healthy boundaries of course!)

Instead of fear, if we could perceive entities as just “lesser evolved” beings (but no less worthy of love) who need help, we can heal them as well as ourselves and usher in a new era of harmony and peace. I've had great success healing millions upon millions of entities including some entities that cannot be “bound and banished” by the old ways.

“Don't fight the dark. Love it into the Light.”

If you wish to learn how to love them into the light,

please visit http://lightwarriorbootcamp.com

Karen Kan
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