[LW Radio] Decluttering with Purpose with Lianna Hofer


Clutter. The word alone gives us anxiety. What is interesting is we all have it. Clutter can be defined as delayed decisions. When we face those decisions and reduce the clutter in our lives, we can be free to truly LIVE!!

In our homes, we see clutter stacked on counters. We see clutter stuffed behind cabinet doors and piled in closets. All that stuff is dragging us down. It is weight keeping us held in one place like an anchor at sea.When we release that clutter, that stuff, we are allowed to grab the wind, find the current to sail on with the wind in our hair, under our wings and experience the wonder life has in store for us.

It can be scary. Scary to let that stuff that is holding us in place. Staying in place is safe, we know what to expect. It is also stagnating our growth. It is keeping us from moving forward. Removing clutter allows us to be who we want to be.

Working through clutter also means we may have some feelings, memories and unresolved “stuff” the work through.

Lianne Hofer has seen the effects of clutter first hand growing up with a “clutterbug”, her mom. Her mom suffered from depression and piles of stuff. Lianne spent her childhood trying to relieve her mom’s unhappiness by tending those piles. As an adult, Lianne brings these lessons to her clients as The Clutter Consultant.

She has worked with multibillionaires, TV Personalities, sports figures and people like her mom. She has been featured on TV segments, quoted in newspapers, books and other publications, been on podcasts and has given back to the community supporting other entrepreneurs.

Monday the 14th of September, Lianne brings her Mary Poppins approach as my guest for my LIVE Light Warrior Radio Show.

As The Clutter Consultant, Lianne will show us how our words we use matter, She will give us her techniques used for her clients to remove what no longer serves us and give guidance on HOW to let go in layers to move forward gracefully!

Listen in on this show if you…

  • Have a life event that dictates a change in your space
  • Struggle with what to let go of/ learn some easy ways to let go
  • Want to know what to do with the things you declutter from your space
  • Mindsets to work with/are looking for a unique pattern of thought to declutter
  • Want to know how spirituality and decluttering are related



Lianne Hofer started the first minutes of life with the diagnosis she would never walk. Clearly, she missed that memo-she studied gymnastics and became a cheerleader. Her journey is marked with mentally ill parents, lots of challenges and a strong decision made at a tender age to BE HAPPY! 

After a successful career in the dental field, a move to NC shifted her life and surprised her as she discovered the grit and drive she had not acknowledged she had. One afternoon Lianne found herself sitting on the sofa wondering why she was here, what was she supposed to do? A trip back home clarified that thought. A friend declared, as she stood half buried in a pantry searching for something to ruin her diet, “THAT IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!!”.  She came home and started The Clutter Consultant. Ten years later she is certified as a Happiness Trainer, A Reiki Master/Master Teacher, a multi-year Houzz award winner, held many leadership roles, taught at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens and with the world’s largest networking organization BNI, been featured on WBTV, and with Charlotte Parent's Moms Matter, quoted in The Charlotte Observer, Mass Mutual's newsletter and Charlotte Parent Magazine as well as being a guest on ESPN Radio and many podcasts. She is often referred to as your “Cup of Effervescence”, Mary Poppins and has been called a tornado! Today you will find Lianne spreading happiness, facing fears daily, clearing clutter and exploring spirituality.




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