[LW Radio] Heal Childhood Trauma Permanently with Liz Mullinar

[LW Radio] Heal Childhood Trauma Permanently with Liz Mullinar

For many sensitive souls, our wonderful empathic gifts are born from the struggle and pain we survived in childhood. While this certainly provides us with a valuable ability to tune into the pain and suffering of others to offer compassion and love, it can also come at a severe cost to our emotional, mental and spiritual health.

For us to truly create the lives we deserve, lives where we fulfilled and empowered to share our sensitive gifts with the world without self-sacrificing or burning out, we must heal the wounds of our childhood.

Neuroscientists agree the effects of childhood trauma are physical – trauma physically affects the way the brain develops. Childhood trauma occurs when a child has no way to process the overwhelming fear and emotion of their experience. Neuroscience has also confirmed the link between trauma and depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and disease is undeniable.

Despite our best intentions, unhealed trauma is often at the root of immense suffering in our daily lives, suffering that many sensitive types are particularly prone to. From addictions to unhealthy and abusive relationships, low self-esteem to self-sabotage, many of the repetitive, painful issues that can make us feel so trapped and hopeless can be traced back to trauma – either in our own lives or in the lives of our family members and ancestors.

For any sensitive soul, having reliable techniques to heal emotional trauma and traumatic memories from childhood is an essential addition to your spiritual toolbox.

On the podcast, Liz will:

  • Help you understand childhood trauma, how it affected the way your brain developed, the way you think, feel and behave.
  • Give you a six-step process that you can use to heal emotional triggers and trauma memories permanently.
  • Share a proven technique to immediately reduce intense feelings of anxiety, shame, fear, and anger.

To learn more about Liz and how you can heal your life, please visit her website, check her out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn to learn more!

You can also pre-order a copy of her book that is set to be released on February 1, 2020, by clicking here!



Liz Mullinar is a survivor of childhood trauma and a globally renowned trauma recovery expert. 20 years ago, she pioneered Australia's first trauma recovery program – Heal For Life – a peer support based program that empowers people to transform painful emotional triggers into permanent healing.

The Heal For Life centers in Australia, UK, and the Philippines have helped over 8,500 adults and children heal from their childhood trauma through an affordable five-day, residential program for trauma recovery which has been independently evaluated to achieve significant, long-term benefits to mental health, emotional and social functioning, pain and vitality.

Now, Liz shares her practical insights and proven methods for healing in her book Heal For Life: How to Heal Yourself From The Pain of Childhood Trauma.

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