[LW Radio] How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Turn Your Passions into Profit

As a Conscious Leadership Expert, Sarah Rose guides spiritual messengers, lightworkers, and coaches to fully own their gift and step fully into their power + purpose as a leader so they can make a global impact with their gift and answer the call they are feeling to be of divine service.

Sarah teaches her clients how to come into complete Soul alignment and build their purpose-driven business so that it scales their impact and influence on the front end but also their time on the backend so they can not only align with their mission but their desired lifestyle goals as well.

She sees a lot of healers and lightworkers trading time for money and dollars for hours and at the end of the day, best-case scenario, they are helping people but not as many people as they could and they are burned out.

Women also are attracted to Sarah when they are just getting started with their business and they just know they want to build something from the start that is in complete Soul alignment but they just aren’t sure how to do that.

Probably what Sarah loves the most is teaching multi-dimensional marketing. This is where she helps spiritually-aligned entrepreneurs really hone the gift of channeling as a 4-step creation cycle to magnetize their content marketing online.

Listen in on this show if you’d like to find out:

  • Owning your gift and overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Attracting your ideal Soulmate client
  • Creating an irresistible + aligned offer
  • Crafting magnetic content online



Sarah is blazing a trail for spiritual entrepreneurs and conscious leaders worldwide looking to catapult their life, business, mission, and beyond to new heights – on their own terms!

As a spiritual transformation coach and divine business strategist, energy healer, intuitive channel, podcast host, and inspirational speaker, Sarah is a growth and transformation catalyst to women that are coming into alignment, both personally and professionally by awakening to their purpose, mission, and Higher Self.

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