[LW Radio] Is Sugar the Original Gateway Drug to Other Drugs?

Thirty years ago, Mike Collins struggled with drug use, and he sought help when his addiction affected his family.  During his meetings, Mike discovered that people would use sugar as a means to cope with the withdrawal symptoms and saw how the sweet substance could be a gateway drug in itself.

Michael Collins, founder of SugarAddiction.com​ and the ​Quit Sugar Summit​, as well as the Board Chairman of ​Food Addiction Institute​, and has been completely sugar-free since he kicked his substance-use habit.

He raised his two kids on a sugar-reduced diet from the womb to six years old.  After years of only having sugar once a month, they are doing well.

On today’s show, Mike and I will discuss how sugar addiction is present in our culture, as well as how you can recognize it.  We will also venture into the realm of sugar detoxes and why they can make cravings worse.  Finally, we will dive deep into the Keto-Flu and what you can expect during your change in direction.

During this interview, you will learn:

  • Is sugar the Original Gateway Drug to other drugs?
  • Is sugar addiction a real thing?
  • Learn about “Sugar's Revenge” – why the average 7, 10, 21, or 30-day detoxes seem to make your cravings for sugar even worse – and how to fix it.
  • Is “The Keto Flu” really just sugar withdrawals?

To learn more about Mike you can visit his website, find him on FacebookPinterest, or get a copy of his book for free!

Karen Kan
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