[LW Radio] LifeWave Phototherapy Patching Protocols for Oral and Dental Health


[LifeWave] Ask the Doctors: Patching Protocols for Oral Health


Did you know that LifeWave patches may be used to help oral health, including gums and teeth? There are actual acupuncture points that harmonize Stomach, Large Intestine, and Kidney meridians around and in the mouth, while regulating bone, gum, and immune system activity. 

In addition, there are energy pathways that course through the teeth that can be enhanced with acupuncture and LifeWave patches to boost the health of internal organs, endocrine, vertebrae, joints, and sense organs. Pretty cool, huh? 

Join me during the next Ask The Doctors LifeWave Radio Show on Monday, January 6th as Dr. Dennis and I will be discussing how to apply LifeWave patches on certain acupuncture points to harmonize meridians and energy that affect the health of teeth. 

We will illustrate the congruence of Western dental physiology with the science of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element causes of disharmony that lead to imbalances in energy and health.

We will discuss how to do LifeWave patching based on the spirit of certain acupuncture points, such as the Ghost Point CV 24, meeting point of the CV and GV vessels with the Large Intestine and Stomach channels, LI 4 for toothaches, GB 37 for teeth grinding, and SJ 21 for tooth decay, as well as clearing Damp Heat (infection) from Yangming (St and LI) patching St 44 and LI 11. 

If you wish to listen to this episode, click here to join us Monday, January 6th at 12:00 PM Eastern! (not your time zone? click here)

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