[LW Radio] What It’s Like to Connect with Your Guardian Angel


[LW Radio] What It's Like to Connect With Your Guardian Angel

Have you ever experienced a moment when you thought, “I could use some angelic help”?

My friend and colleague, Keith Leon S. has nearly died eight times. Angels saved his life. Keith will share his story and inspire listeners to tap into their inner guidance system and their guardian angels.  

I’ve had some amazing interactions with my angels, but I have to say, when I read about how Keith was in a car accident with his friend, died, and then experienced a reversal of time, such that the car undamaged afterwards, I was astounded!  And, that reversing of time didn’t happen just once! Check out his book Walking With My Angels: A True Story for more details. 

His book is crazy and inspirational at the same time.  Honestly, I had NO IDEA what his life was like (including being a major druggie) prior to him being my very first coach years ago.

Thanks to Keith’s awesome coaching, I've had the courage to write and publish three books, one that was a bestseller. I’ll be publishing another book this year with his publishing company and I’m super-excited about it, but talking about book publishing is for another time (subject for next week's Light Warrior Radio Show).

My mission is to help highly sensitive people harness their gifts as a superpower.  Keith is a highly sensitive soul who has experienced amazing superpowers!

If there was ever a time we all need some special help navigating challenges this would be it.  Keith will help you invite these celestial beings into your life helping you have the year of your dreams.



Keith Leon S. is a multiple international best-selling author, a book publisher and speaker who’s well known as, “The Book Guy.” His life purpose book is called, Walking With My Angels: A True Story, with a foreword by Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Jack Canfield.

 Keith has appeared on many popular radio and television broadcasts, and his work has been covered by Inc. Magazine, LA Weekly, The Huffington Post, Published Magazine and Succeed Magazine just to name a few.

 He has spoken at events that included Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara De Angelis, John Gray, Michael Beckwith, and Marianne Williamson. He’s also a member of the Evolutionary Business Council.

 As an accomplished singer and songwriter, Keith has made music with Stevie Wonder, Ben Vereen, Nancy Wilson, Carl Anderson, Gloria Loring, Keb’ Mo’ and The Wood Brothers.

 Keith’s passion is teaching people how to go from first thought to bestseller and to create what he calls, The World’s Greatest Business Card… and he also loves introducing people to their inner guidance system whom he calls heavenly helpers!

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