Monday: How to Spot Leading Energies (why healing feels so hard)

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Over the past few months, the topic of leading energies keeps resurfacing again and again.

Just this past week I mentioned in my Spiritual Medicine Digest how entities can be distracting you from your life's purpose.

But did you know that entities are only a piece of the puzzle? The strength of human want (or soul want) can actually manifest false destiny. This false truth can sound like a spirit guide in voice. And get this.. Another person's desires can even be a leading energy.

No wonder healing feels so hard sometimes!

So how do you discern that you are fully connected to one and only true Source? How do you know if what you want is aligned with your path? How do you know if you are hearing/desiring truth in alignment with your purpose?


Due to her very busy schedule, I've been waiting many months to finally have Diana Kushenbach back on my radio show to share her powerful insights about this very topic!

I HIGHLY suggest checking out this LIVE interview on Monday as we have a very thought provoking question about destiny, leading energies, why healing is so hard and much more! If time allows, we may even open up the phone lines for live mini healings!


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