More Than Ghosts and Demons

Besides ghosts, who are disembodied spirits who were previously “in a body”, there are a plethora of other types of low vibrational entities. Most of the time you don’t even need to know what type they are (Djinn, Succubus, monkey demons, watchers, etc.) to clear them easily and effectively. (YES, I did say YOU).


However, on occasion, depending on your Soul Type and the reason you’re here on our planet, you may need to know who they are. Maybe you need to know that there are 7 dark angels watching for a chance to catch you in a state of fear or self-doubt so they can mess with you and slow down your path to consciousness?


Maybe you have a specific role in healing entities? There is a TOLPAKAN™ Healing Protocol to make you invisible and undetectable to evil spirits and ghosts, however, this is not allowed for some people, who have to be seen by entities. I, for one, must be visible to entities, because it is part of my Soul Mission to heal them. I have had angels point demons in my direction so that we would both get healing: for them, a release of the restraints and curses they have been put under so they can move to a higher vibration. For me, healing bias and judgment (e.g. “all demons are evil and want to stay that way”).


There are a few types of entities I’ve encountered in healings of myself and others that I have never read about. The Darkness of the Dark, Darkness masked in Light, Pseudolite (I’ve coined these terms) with extremely low light scores, lower than the average Dark Angel. These can be tricky to find and heal completely because they function more like a collective (think of a swarm of bees). I’ll be including a mini-masterclass series on entities in my brand-new Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0 launching soon, where I’ll be covering the different types of entities, what the signs and symptoms are, their attractor factors, and the “newer” and faster/safer ways of entity clearing. I hope you’ll join me so you can feel calm and empowered.

Want to learn more about how YOU can heal entities?

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Karen Kan
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