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Whew, there are quite a bit of funky Ascension symptoms happening right now.

I noticed many people waking up earlier this week feeling very mentally disheveled and “out of it” (and some in crisis). Some people even felt mysterious pain that seems to come out of nowhere (this is often a sign of unhealthy boundaries as we become more and more sensitive with each Ascension upgrade).

My  advice? Check how well you are integrating these Ascension upgrades. Seriously, do it now. It will only take a few minutes (and it can dramatically change the rest of your day). Muscle test how well you are integrating ascension upgrades overall, then how well you are integrating in each of these areas: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, physically, dimensionally. You can rank it from 1 to 100.  

Once you get your number check out the video below and where I provide a very quick healing exercise for you.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.43.06 PM

After you listen to the video, recheck your numbers and you can repeat the script I provide for you in the video.

Since my own Ascension Healing CDs won't be ready until October, I decided to start sharing some Ascension energies in my upcoming weekly videos. So if you aren't already subscribed, you'll want to make sure you sign up for these notifications HERE by clicking the red “Subscribe” button.

If you find that these symptoms keep popping up then I encourage you to check out my Rejuvenate Your Energy Body Class HERE.


Additional Free Healing Resources for You

Name Analysis: In case you didn't catch last week's radio show, you can check out the replay HERE. His name analysis on me was spot on! You can grab a free manifestation resource from Lyon by contacting him on his website HERE and if you are interested in your own name analysis you can receive a discount by telling Lyon you heard about it on my radio show.

Your Higher Self: Next week I am really looking forward to an interesting (and controversial) interview with police intuitive Diana Kushenbach about how our Higher Selves don't know everything! When I had a conversation with my higher self, I realize that it thought I needed to feel every ache and pain from Mother Earth in order to remind me of my higher souls mission. I'm glad I got that straighten out! Be sure to tune in live on Monday to learn more. You can bookmark the show HERE.

LIVE Energy Healing: Finally, the following week on August 29th, I finally have the chance to have the wonderful Jenny Ngo come back on my show to help me do some LIVE spiritual activations and some live healings on the show! This is a very popular show, so be sure to mark your calendar with the details HERE to be one of the people chosen on the call for a free on air healing! 

Have a wonderful week, and remember: keep grounded, drink lots of water, and have compassion for yourself and others!

Dr. Karen


Karen Kan
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