Overcoming Burnout – How to go from Burntout and Exhausted to Re-Ignited and Recharged with Dr. Ellen Wong

A very large majority of adults experience stress, and many of those who do experience stress feel that their stress is getting worse. Over years of experiencing chronic stress, the stress turns into burnout. And while the term stress management is used a lot, most people who are experiencing stress, feel too stressed to do something about it! I completely understand that, because I went through that myself.

The first step is, of course, making a decision that you do not want to feel this way anymore. Everyone has heard, and knows, that exercising, eating well and meditation are all great for stress. Yet few people commit themselves to these practices – why is that? And why is it that some people may try those techniques but still feel horribly stressed?

Join me and Dr. Ellen Wong in a new episode! Monday 28, at noon!

Dr Ellen is a expert in stress and burnout. For the last 10 years, she has helped people who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted, develop skills to feel more calm, capable and confident. But what she is most passionate about is creating a world free of limiting beliefs so we can live each day feeling happy and fulfilled by the work that we do.

1) If you’re serious about recovering or preventing burnout and are ready to make changes physically and mentally to recharge and feel calm, capable and confident, book a complementary conversation to learn more: calendly.com/drellennd

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