Possessed Objects – Story of the Demon Patch

Every morning I check if I'm brain balanced and in “healing mode” and if not, I put an acupuncture patch on one of my brain balancing points.  This particular morning, I woke up with achiness in my left shoulder blade area.  That pain usually occurs if I've eaten something I'm intolerant of, or my lymphatic port isn't open on the left side.  I didn't think much of it, so as is my usual fashion, I went about my day.  The pain didn't subside after putting the patch on, but I had a massage therapy appointment with M. later that day, so I put up with the discomfort.

When M. began working on my she said my ribs were hung up.  When I flipped over face up on the massage table, she put her hands over my Thymus area she was immediately taken aback.  I told her my acupuncture patch was on my Thymus.  She indicated that she felt something “off” and negative about it, so she asked me to take it off.  She then asked, “Do you ever clear your patches?” to which I answered, “No, I never think of it. Do you?”  She said “No, I haven't”.

She then asked me to check the patch.  To our surprise the patch was “possessed” by an entity – a Fallen Angel actually.  According to M. this patch was holding down my ribs and creating an abnormal torsion that prevented her from correcting my bodily imbalance.  Once off my body, she was able to make the corrections.  We then proceeded to muscle test ALL the patches at my house.  No other patch was possessed.  Just this one.

Then I decided to test all the packages of this patch from the company that were in the same lot (yes, we can do that!) and again to our amazement, we muscle tested that there were approximately 38 packages with a single dark entity attached to a single patch within each package.  Both of us got an intuitive hit that each of these package were sent to Light Workers in order to thwart their progress.  After making these discoveries, we released all the entities from all the patches from around the world all at once.

The entities are getting smarter and trying harder.  But, like a game, when they up the ante, we get to learn and grow in our Lightworking skills.  I know us healers are getting to smart for their liking and are definitely turning the tide in the so-called battle for earth's consciousness, but we obviously have to stay alert, observant and grounded.  I have since asked Archangel Michael to stand watch over the manufacturing of these healing acupuncture patches to prevent further contamination with dark energies.

Once my patch was cleared I put it back on my body and all was well.

Karen Kan
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