Prayer of Protection

If you've been watching my weekly Spiritual Medicine Digest videos  or if you've tuned into my radio show recently, you may have heard me recite some of the follow lines from the prayer of protection below.

I've had quite a few requests for this one, so I decided to provide it for you here. I use this when doing my own personal work, and when I am doing healing work with my clients. Please feel free to use this as you see fit, and of course to share it with your loved ones so they can be supported in their healing as well .

Prayer of Protection

Dearest Divine,

We ask You, the Angels and our Spirit Guides for Divine Assistance: to fill us with love, surround, protect and guide us.

We ask for this with the understanding that we each have our own individual destiny, and that the healing path is not always the easiest or most convenient one, but that the purpose of our existence is to Evolve ourselves and the rest of humanity.

We ask for a Canopy of Light over this healing session and all involved, and that the Guidance we receive is accurate and for our benefit without personal attachment or ego.

We ask any negativity that can be released be taken from us, absorbed down into the Earth, neutralized, or transformed into Light for our Highest and Greatest Good.

We also ask that, if possible, our burdens be released from us, and that the energies of Joy and Peace be infused into our daily Awareness.

For anything that is removed, we ask that the energetic space be filled with the highest vibrations of Love and Compassion.

We ask that this healing is integrated quickly, with Ease and Grace, with little or no detoxification symptoms.

For this and all the other Blessings, we give our Thanks and Gratitude.

So be it.

Karen Kan
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