Quick and Easy Spray to Clear a Room of Negative Energy

Here is a program I created using Aquaware 4.0 that works great in clearing negative energy in a room.  Negative energy can come from people (emotional upset, illness, arguments etc.), electronics, low vibrational spiritual beings (ghosts, “evil spirits”) and even low vibrational vortexes that can make you feel sick and tired.

Listen to the directions on how to make your own Room Clearing Spray in this video.

If you'd like to make your own formulas, I highly encourage you to get a copy of Aquaware 4.0 so you can customize your intentions.  Feel free to add high quality essential oils to your room spray.  For Christmas I added Frankincense and Sage in some bottles and Peppermint (festive!) in others.  You can “charge” anything that contains water with these beneficial frequencies.

Just remember, if you're drinking it, start slow – 2 ounces a day max.  You may work your way up slowly.  You can even charge your daily coffee or tea to make it “healthier” for you.

Enjoy! and please comment on this post to share your results.

Blessings, Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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