RADIO SHOW: Healing your 1st Chakra pelvic organs. Interview with Isa Herrera

Do you suffer from urine leakage? vaginal discomfort? painful sex? low libido? constipation? no orgasms?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you definitely have to listen to this show as I interview Pelvic Pain expert, Isa Herrera, about the common misconceptions about pelvic issues and how to spot “bad” advice from doctors and other healthcare providers and how to take matters into your own hands.  

Armed with the knowledge of how the pelvic floor functions, Isa reveals innovative strategies to help you evaluate your own pelvic floor 1st chakra issues and to heal them with her expert guidance and coaching.  No more doctor-shopping for the right solution.  No more painful ineffective surgeries! No more crazy pain relief drugs!

Don't suffer any longer.  Listen to this show and learn about how your anatomy REALLY works  and you'll know more than most doctors! I guarantee you.  How do I know? Because I am a doctor and I treated a lot of women, yet I didn't know half the stuff Isa teaches.

Here's some great news.  You can join her free masterclass on how to have happy lady parts HERE. http://affiliates.pelvicpainrelief.com/aff_c?offer_id=3&aff_id=1045

…and download a free Step-by-Step Guide to Pelvic Healing report you can put into action right away HERE. http://affiliates.pelvicpainrelief.com/aff_c?offer_id=3&aff_id=1045&url_id=15

Please share this show with those you know who are suffering with these issues so they can be empowered too!

Karen Kan
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