Re-program your metabolism to burn fat right away

Can you burn fat just by drinking water?

How cool is this?!

I know from personal experience that losing weight can be VERY frustrating. The struggle of gaining and losing weight keeps many from feeling discouraged that they will “never” get rid of those extra pounds. Especially when you do “all the right things” you are told to do!

One important lesson I've learned (and continue to learn) is things don't have to be hard. Contrary to the belief that ONLY long hours of toil, tears, sweat and blood will create drastic results.. well, that's just not true! Things CAN be easy, especially when you seek out the support of someone who has already done all the hard work for you!

One of my favorite self-empowerment and self-healing geniuses is Peter Schenk. He takes healing and scientific advances to a whole new level with powerful computer programs that work.. and they work REALLY well (I've tried many myself and I have never been disappointed).

He has just released the Lightbody 2.0 program designed to help you re-program your body's metabolism to easily and effortlessly lose weight. Cool or cool?

The program utilizes scientifically tested frequencies which create fundamental geometric liquid crystalline forms (much like snowflakes, or hexagonal geometry) that are able to communicate with you at the level of your own water-based blueprint, putting you in control of your own programming.

Join me as I interview the creator of Lightbody 2.0 Peter Schenk on Monday and learn how you can:

  • Effortlessly balance your metabolism
  • Find internal balance
  • Gain and relearn how to utilize energy
  • Restructure the muscle and fascial tissues of your body
  • Re-balance your natural and healthy appetite
  • and more!

Just click the intention button on LightBody, focus your attention on a glass of water (or tea or coffee) and in less than a minute you'll get to consume a very powerful intention that will help you flush toxins, release fat and increase your metabolism.

How simple can it be? Drink this water and release excess weight.  Life just became a little bit easier! Learn more about Lightbody 2.0 HERE.


Here are the details to join us:


Monday, July 13th at 12 pm Noon EST

Tune in here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2015/07/13/re-program-your-body-to-safely-burn-fat-just-by-drinking-water

(Check out the recording anytime after the show at the link above)

Call to listen in at: (818) 514-1190


Dr. Karen


Karen Kan
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