Replay: The Human Assemblage Point – What is it & How Do We Adjust it?

As I am out of town this week, I will be sharing a popular replay from a while back.

At the time, many of my energy healing students had questions about what the assemblage beam (also known as Assemblage Point) is, how it was “discovered” and why it is important.

The Human Assemblage Point (AP) is a vortex running through the center of our body where the vibrations of our energy radiate out to make up our aura or electromagnetic field. When the AP is in the optimal position, the energy flows, fans out and surrounds us, our systems are in balance and harmony.

However, when the AP is shifted out of it's proper posiiton there are some serious consequences in our health and we become “out of sync” with all that there is.

Since this issue was popping up quite a bit in healings, I decided to invite one of my trusted healer colleges, Tyhson Banighen, on my show to share with you the answers to these questions: 

1. Where exactly is the AP and what causes it to be out of alignment?

2. How did you find out about the AP? Is there any scientific “proof” it exists?

3. Is the AP the same as a Soul Seat? Is it related at all?

4. What are some signs that your AP is out of alignment?

5. Does the AP alignment affect other parts of our energy anatomy such as our chakras, hara line, acupuncture meridians etc.?

4. How does one manually assess the health of the assemblage beam and correct it if misaligned?

Tyhson Banighen is a Master Inner Game Coach, a.k.a. the energy detective,who helps clients identify and remove health, wealth and enlightenment blocks so they can get out of their own way, show up and be awesome and deliver their unique gifts to the world.

This replay will air on Monday August 20th at 12PM EST- don't miss out! Click here to listen in and check back at the same link for the replay of the replay! Remember for those calling (818) 514-1190 this is NOT a live broadcast so questions will not be taken!

In the mean time learn more about Tyhson's work at http://energydetective.ca/.


Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
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