Should You Be Grounded to the 7th Plane?

It never ceases to surprise me how many NEW fascinating healing updates I have for you guys each week! This week was no exception..

Here’s a sneak peek into what I have to share in this week’s video:

  • Why it’s highly beneficial for many people to be grounded to the 7th plane (especially me since I want to lose those extra pounds around my tummy!)
  • How to “download” the healing vortex I mentioned last week for you, your home, your pets etc
  • The #1 belief to check in yourself this week (yes, you DO need to be conscious of this one)


Also don’t forget about these 3 F-REE Healing Opportunities

#1- On Monday, I’ll be interviewing my good friend Jenny Ngo on my radio show about relationships and we get to hear all about her newest Love package! You can bookmark that show HERE.


#2- The following Monday is a VERY special treat as you have the chance to experience Nutritional Energetics from my good friend Cathy who will be doing some live healings on air during her FHTJ launch on April 24th!

Yep, you can actually increase the vibration of your food and receive the nutrients of the best food for you even if you don’t eat “perfectly” all the time! Be sure you are registered on FHTJ’s list HERE to grab the call in details.


#3- Finally… on May 2nd, I'll be launching my BRAND NEW Advanced Healing for Light Warriors on From Heartache to Joy. I created this training specifically for Indigos, Earth Angels, Empaths, Starseeds to finally have a VERY in-depth step-by-step healing program just for you. So be sure to mark your calendar for 11 am Eastern to join me live!


Enjoy this week's video below, and please do “share” this important information and F-REE Healing Resources with someone you love!


Dr. Karen


Karen Kan
  • Amy Parks
    Posted at 22:22h, 27 April Reply

    Fascinating. I would not have thought to ground to the 7th plane but it feels really good. Thanks Karen!

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