Skip the Stuffy Nose This Year – Why I Love Acupuncture Patches

Does this sound familiar? You find yourself reaching for the cold medicine and nasal sprays every winter, and then constantly taking allergy pills every Spring.

Many of my patients found themselves in the same cycle, but are now happily without the unnecessary medication's side effects AND no longer suffer from constant sniffles, phlegm and coughs they were plagued with before. How?

Two words: Acupuncture Patches.

Yep. Instead of just dealing with the side effects, these simple and effective acupuncture patches activate energy in specific acupuncture points to help heal the common causes of your sinus problems.


Dr. Dennis Lobstein is hopping on my radio show on Monday to answer just that.

Join me as I interview Chinese Medicine Specialist Dr. Lobstein as we chat about why we both find acupuncture patches so effective, and how they interact with your body to provide immediate and lasting relief for even the most stubborn cold, cough, and sinus problems.


“Using Acupuncture Patches for Sinus Congestion, Phlegm and Cough”

Monday, December 2nd at 3 pm Eastern time

Tune in via webcast at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2017/01/02/using-acupuncture-patches-for-sinus-congestion-phlegm-and-cough

*Can't join us live? Just check out the replay anytime after the show ends at the link above. 


Since this is a live show, you have the chance to call in at the end of the show with any questions you have.

Enjoy! And be sure to share this information with someone you think could benefit from it.

Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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