SMD: Lightworker attacked by dark angel..

I have LOADS of really interesting stuff to share with you in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video including..

  • Why some people can’t decommission their Empath abilities just yet
  • Why  “stress response” symptoms such as anxiety, depression, weight gain, sleep issues, hair loss happen to certain types of people when they are presented with new energies.
  • How to download new morphic fields healthy boundaries for those with higher vibrational souls

Oh and get this.. I recently worked with a lightworker who was being attacked by a very low vibrational Dark Angel who pulled out her assemblage beam (http://energydetective.ca for information on the assemblage beam) because her Universal shield was less than 10% intact due to negative beliefs that hadn't healed yet…crazy right?


And that’s just the tip of the iceburg! Be sure to check out my video below to hear more, and don’t forget to hit “Subscribe” to stay updated each week with new videos.


Dr. Karen

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Karen Kan
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