[SMD] Spiritual Medicine Digest: Being One with All of Creation….again!

In this week's SMD, I talk about how Light Being Starseeds can become “one” with all of creation temporarily along their Soul's evolution as a human. It can seem inconvenient, but hopefully asymptomatic! I teach you how to test for this phemenon and the use a TKH Directive to “individuate” again when it's time!

Listen in the learn more.


Did you have a chance to listen to the Wisdom of the Ancients telesummit interview? In it I revealed the 1-3 minute way of testing your overall health, the three Soul related issues causing bad things to happen to good people, and the one great way to discern and become the most effective healer/self-healer you can be!

Listen to the replay which is free this weekend.

Mark your calendars for June 13th at 8PM as I'll be doing a free webinar on the x39 stem cell enhancing phototherapy patches: how they work and whether it's the right thing for you. This is LIVE so there is Q&A!

Monday's radio show is with Dr. Dennis Lobstein as we explore Traditional Chinese Acupuncture theory and using the phototherapy LifeWave patches to support healthy lungs and breathing! Join us and call in live to ask a question (see link below)

There are a few spots left for a free interview with me to see if you're a good fit to learn TOLPAKAN Healing! Also rare opportunity to get a 1:1 private reading/healing session. Click here for details.


Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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