SMD: Transforming negative emotional energy

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Spiritual Medicine Digest September 4, 2019 – Transforming negative emotional energy

In this week’s SMD I talk about how all of Creation is releasing a huge quantity of “negative” emotional energy due to the Ascension process.  All that healing can feel rather chaotic and overwhelming if you’re not prepared!  The great news is that negative energy can be transformed by you, me and everyone and I share the secret to how in this video!

I also talk about how easy it is for media to manipulate our feelings and incite fear (which their advertisers enjoy because they make more money that way) and how to make a game of it, witnessing the “drama” and “dramatic” words they like to use.  This is not to downplay the damage done by hurricanes – not at all – but to highlight that in the space of fear, more of what we don’t want gets re-created over and over and over again.  Is this what we really want?  Why not be so conscious that we choose our own vibration, and then get to work at doing what really makes a difference in the big picture.

Check out this week’s SMD video here https://youtu.be/p9mKMfMnAJY


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