[SMD] Your spiritual gifts have just expanded multifold!

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share two very important pieces of information.  Firstly I talk about how my body was having challenges while traveling in the car.  It was feeling stiff and uncomfortable. It was tempting to just assume this discomfort was the car, EMF, or my position sitting.  But lo and behold, when I asked Source, the reason was completely different! And the good news is that I was able to create a brand new Positive Morphic Field (blueprint) to help YOU when you travel!  Watch the video to learn to download this to yourself!

Also, I discovered how our “Clairs” (clairsentience, clairvoyance, etc.) spiritual gifts expand greatly with the Ascension cycle and why in the last week, you might have experienced an uptick in awareness of entities.  In the video, I talk about how this happens and what to do about it (hint: there is another positive morphic field you can download to yourself!)


  1. Mark your calendars for Monday October 21st at 4PM Eastern for the You Wealth Revolution Telesummit launch of my Light Warrior Bootcamp 2.0 program – the evolved version of the Advanced Entity and ET clearing program.  Listen in on the free important interview by signing up here: https://www.karenkan.com/YWR18.  If you already have my program from 2016/17, I emailed you an upgrade offer you can take advantage of before 21st. YAY!
  2. Monday’s Light Warrior Radio show will feature Dr. Dennis Lobstein as we discuss LifeWave phototherapy patch protocols using Chinese Medicine to support yourself through the change of season (so you don’t get the cough cold symptoms I just got when I traveled back from San Deigo a couple of weeks ago!) as well as protocols to support the symptom of severe mood swings! 
  3. Here is the link to the show https://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2019/10/07/lifewave-mood-fluctuations-and-change-of-season-symptoms-with-dr-dennis

Blessings, Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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