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If you missed my interview with Jenny Ngo a few weeks ago, I HIGHLY suggest taking the time out of your schedule this week to make sure you give it a listen (scroll down for the replay).

Several weeks ago I noticed some of patients came with some severe and repetitive symptoms, and it turns out that they had been psychically attacked while they were sleeping! Which is actually not that uncommon. SO many people have entity attachments and have no idea.  Over 97% of people & their environment are extremely prone to entity attachments, especially among Lightworkers, healers, and young children. You can actually have negative “gunk buildups” of energies accumulated in this life over time, not mentioning the possibilities of past lives, and ancestral.

I see it all the time in the work that I do (and in everyday life.. the grocery store last week was full of entities!), so I was REALLY excited to hear that Jenny Ngo, an amazing healer and friend of mine had created a 100% success on-demand Dimensional Healing MP3s that gets rid of those negative entities with just a press of a button. Amazing! I even tested it myself and the results were truly astounding (I tell you more in the interview below, you'll want to hear this story!).

And the best part is that Jenny has agreed to give my list a discount on her specialMP3s but only until next Monday, March 7th.

She has created a special $200 package with 4 of her most powerful Mp3s and named it “Dr. Karen's Special” which includes:

She is discounting it for you for only $66 when you visit  www.karenkan.com/jenny with  Discount Code: DrKaren (through March 7th).  How awesome is that?!

Want to hear more? Check out the interview replay below.


Please share with someone you care about. Don't forget that you can access the special is: www.karenkan.com/jenny.  Discount Code: DrKaren (through March 7th).

Visit www.globalquantumhealing.com to contact Jenny.



Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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