Spiritual Entrepreneurs who are Making a Difference: Episode #1

As a fun new tradition I decided to start a Light Warrior Entrepreneur interview series where I will be interviewing CEOs of inspiring companies to share their process and how they created products that benefit humanity. Join me as I air my first interview with spiritual entrepreneur Ellen McDonough – creator of the popular “Pure Light” App.

Ellen shares with me her personal story of how she was inspired to creating this wonderful resource to bring so many healer's work together in one place! Join us to discover Spiritual Entrepreneurs who are Making a Difference in the world with their creative innovations, and become inspired to make your own mark in this world!


Monday, February 26th at 12 pm Noon EST

Tune in via phone at: (818) 514-1190

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Can't join us live? Just check out the interview at the link above anytime after it airs.


Dr. Karen





Karen Kan
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