Spiritual Medicine Digest: 4 Ways of Grounding & The Model of Creation (M.O.C.)

In this week's episode of the weekly Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share my experiment of seeing what would happen if I did my daily healing ritual without specifically testing around grounding, knowing full well that we might still be in the Rising Phase of the Ascension Cycle (the four phases being Rising, Expansion, Resistance, and Integration).

Interestingly, I was waking up with my arms and fingers numb and slightly uncomfortable for the last three mornings, which usually means my lymphatic system is congested in the upper part of my body. Watch this video to learn why this happened. In this video, you'll get to view two important models. The first shows the 4 different ways you can Ground and how to test how “grounded” you are, along with a TOLPAKAN™ Healing Directive to enhance your grounding. After grounding to “everything I was supposed to be grounded to in the highest and best way”, I woke up this morning without numbness or discomfort in my arms. YAY! The second model is a brand new one that I call the Evolved Human's Model of (Conscious) Creation or M.O.C. for short. In this model, I share with you the FORMULA of conscious creation, highlighting the skill sets you'll develop as you embrace your New Reality – your grand vision of your future.




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Karen Kan
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