Spiritual Medicine Digest: Autoimmunity and Allergies in sensitive souls

So the holidays are often stress-filled for sensitive souls due to travel and being away from their home (which is hopefully a sanctuary) – different energies including scents, ley lines, emotions, loud sounds, crowds, visual stimulation etc. This year in particular, thanks to Ascension energies, you might have witnessed major arguments or upheaval in the family. Old family dynamics may have reared its ugly head. Why? in order to be released of course!

For those on the consciousness path, hopefully you were able to utilize your tools to get back to center/ground. My strategy is to use STOIM (https://www.karenkan.com/STOIM) Stillness through Observing Internal Movement, as much as I could, and I have to say, I did better traveling this Christmas better than previous years YAY!

Autoimmunity, allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities are very common among sensitives and may have ramped up temporarily with the release of old stuff. On January 14th at noon, I’ll be launching my Autoimmune Healing Secrets for Sensitive Souls on From Heartache to Joy (https://www.karenkan.comFHTJ) to launch a special program for highly sensitive people with these issues.

On Monday’s radio show December 31 2018, I have the pleasure of interviewing Diet Rebellion expert, Dr. Kerri Fullerton, about how we can enjoy food/eating again, not worry about our weight, and really LIVE freely. YAY! Join us at 12 noon Eastern and feel free to call in 818-514-1190 and hit “1” to get some free coaching/mentoring! If you’d like to listen online just get on my mailing list at https://www.karenkan.com and we’ll email you the link the day before.

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Karen Kan
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