Spiritual Medicine Digest: Autoproxying in alternate timelines?

So this week I had a little “spill” in the kitchen, which isn't necessarily convenient when it's a blender full of beets (ah!), but I learned something important about how to get my “reversed polarity” corrected without having to do my usual Polarity Tapping correction technique. It corrected in a little over one minute.

Also I learned how alternate (past lives etc.) lives who are autoproxying or polarity reversed can manifest in this timeline and how to “solve” this little problem. If you have a tendency to autoproxy or reverse polarity, you'll want to watch this video

Thanks to everyone who invested in the Autoimmune Healing Secrets Program for sensitive souls. Group healing/training classes start Saturday February 2 2019. Super excited. If you missed it and want in, just private message me or email me from my website and whatever we haven’t sold out, I’ll send you the link.


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Karen Kan
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