Spiritual Medicine Digest: Can the Change of Season Make You Sick?

In Northeast America, there is a chill in the air. Summer is over and fall has begun. When I was in medical acupuncture practice, my patients who were teachers would be instructed to make sure that they came in for acupuncture just before and after school started. If they did not get an autumn “tune-up”, they would inevitably come down with terrible cold symptoms.
As a stubborn teenage know-it-all, I would scoff at my mother and grandmother’s advice to “wear a hat”, “put on a scarf”, and “dress warmly” when the weather would change. I told them that viruses caused colds, not cold weather!

Boy was I wrong.

Wrong through all of high school, undergrad, medical school, and residency.

How embarrassing!

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share some of the Chinese Medicine concepts regarding the shifts in energy during the change of seasons, and how you can protect yourself from getting sick. I’ll also discuss the “germ theory” versus the “terrain theory” and I’ll be doing a TOLPAKAN™ Healing Directive to top fortify your Wei Qi field and kick out pernicious influences, as well as pointing out a handy acupuncture point you can stimulate if you start feeling icky.
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