Spiritual Medicine Digest: Erasing Humanity’s Ancient Vow

In this week's Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share my personal thoughts about sovereignty, freedom, and free choice, and some of the interesting videos and films I've been watching, that all point to the importance of higher consciousness.

I’ve purposely written a rather vague description of this video on YouTube because so many of my colleagues, both in the medical profession, as well as scientists, journalists, etc. have been censored by Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google. In fact, I’ve decided that I’ll be using DuckDuckGo from now on as my main search engine since “Big Brother” is watching (Google).

At the beginning of the video I touch on this issue of censorship, then I talk about some of the films I’ve been watching (see links below). I even mention the human-derived plan to stage an alien invasion in order to scare earth’s citizens into giving up more of their rights (Steven Greer), and the thing we can do to prevent this from becoming our reality.

Despite the gravity of the situation related to the pandemic and the proposed single-minded strategies from “higher-ups” and wealthy influential people, there is so much that us “little people” can do to manifest the ideal reality of peace, happiness, and sustainability. More and more people are waking up! Yay for that!

Two major pieces of good news this week related to healing a negative emotion and an ancient vow for all of humanity! You can help! TOLPAKAN™ Healing Directives are in the video.


Watch this week’s exciting Spiritual Medicine Digest:



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