Spiritual Medicine Digest: Further Aligning Alternate Timelines

In this week's edition of the Spiritual Medicine Digest, the note of interest has been unusual pain symptoms. Interesting enough, these have been, for the most part, linked to misalignments in only one specific alternate timeline. I share how to tackle this, both through checking love, light, truth and wholeness scores, as well as autoimmunity in all timelines. TOLPAKAN healing to the rescue yet again!

Another note taken this week was on conduits between lives. I remind us to check if they're all 100% light. Are yours?
Finally, light processing. Light beings star seeds can have greater sensitivity than other types of star seeds and sensitives because their system is more sensitive to Ascension upgrades. What to do if this describes you? Make sure to check how well you're processing all forms of light 100%. Maybe even note, do you notice a difference after downloading the positive morphic field?
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Dr. Karen Kan
Karen Kan
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