Spiritual Medicine Digest: How to do Extended TOLPAKAN Healing

This week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest is here!

To begin, body shape templates! It’s incredible how our bodies may remember a template from a prior timeline, parallel or not. What's fascinating is that even without a memory, body templates can be downloaded. Listen in to hear my own morphing story and how it has benefitted my overall health to connect with my destined template in the now.


Next up this week I introduce extended TOLPAKAN healing. The main idea here is to focus our attention on healing everyone and everything associated with someone, something, or a particular circumstance, rather than than pinpointing a singular aspect. Think big picture. It’s amazing what an overarching mindfulness can manifest.


To keep it interesting, I also discuss food intolerances, coconut curses and more. Sometimes intolerances aren’t always because of the foods themselves, but rather how they are nurtured and grown.


In other news, massive expansions lately have been requiring a greater awareness balance. It is important to remember to check how much awareness is too much awareness in connection with our individual highest and greatest good.


Morphic fields have also been in focus as of late, especially in relation to healing the body through ease and grace, as well as healing relationships within and outside of the body.


Link to this week's SMD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBWJfwQmCfw


Some announcements for you all this week:

This Monday 12 p.m. EST listen in on the Dr. Karen Radio Show to hear Dr. Harry Armytage speak about how to nurture a renewed love for learning in children, and how to become a parent detective.
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