Spiritual Medicine Digest: INTENSE Ascension Upgrade Sunday, 2/28/2021

What was last Sunday like for you?

I was down for the count and I haven’t felt that fatigued and headachy for a long while. I knew it was ascension-related, but I wasn’t energetic enough to Divine Muscle Test until I took a nap and rested.

Sensitive Souls, especially those we call Light Being Starseeds (LBSS), can sometimes have a harder time integrating the newer ascension energies because the information comes in at such a speed that their physical form can’t quite handle it. Integrating and grounding these energies body-mind-soul is what needs to happen. And it can take hours to a full day for that to happen, even with some help.

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video, I share the TOLPAKAN healing directive on how to integrate ascension upgrade energies with greater efficiency so you can be less symptomatic. I also share some information about the 9 different “Grids” that are evolving through All of Humanity. Some of these I had never heard of until this week

  • All of the Humanity grids
    • Cosmic
    • Starseed
    • LBSS
    • Christ consciousness
    • Power
    • Oneness
    • Love
    • Universal
    • Peace (aka Light)
  • Ascension integration P.M.E.E.S.D.
    • (​Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic, Spiritual, Dimensional)




Karen Kan
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