Spiritual Medicine Digest: Is your 2020 perception microscopic or macroscopic?

Firstly, I want to share some good news. The Light Score of mass consciousness has now finally reached the critical minimum of 80% for us to radically shift our reality for the better! YAY! The higher the light score the more aligned we are to the Divine.

In this Spiritual Medicine Digest video, I talk about 2020 Vision – our perception – and how we can have either a microscopic view of the world or a macroscopic one. And I give you illustrations of various perceptions when it comes to COVID, masks, and social distancing.

This week, I allowed myself the flexibility to feel negative human emotions. Yup. I chose to. I know that sounds weird, but instead of stuffing down emotions (something I used to do all the time, which led to me having fibromyalgia and other illnesses), I decided to feel them, despite the discomfort.


Well, let me back up a bit and tell you the back story.

On Tuesday, I was overjoyed to see a video by Dr. Simone Gold and America’s Frontline Doctors talk about the success they’ve been having with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin in treating COVID patients. They had a 100% success rate using this combination when patients first developed symptoms. It’s not that I’m much of a drug prescriber these days, as I have found energetic and holistic ways of keeping the body healthier, but for my conventional medical colleagues to speak out and share their successes seemed like a HUGE win to me!

But by the next day, after 10’s of millions of views, not only did this video get taken down by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, their whole website was killed.  I’d never seen a private website taken down ever! And it seems in the USA, laws are being fervently passed to restrict this decades-old safe HCQ drug so that individual doctors can’t even prescribe it to their patients.

That’s where I got mad. And I allowed myself to feel this, to share in the frustration that my colleagues are experiencing as well. I could tap into their emotions using my intuitive senses.

Despite the occasional person thinking doctors are only “in it for the money”, I have to say that 99.9% of the doctors that I know chose to doctors because they LOVE helping people.  No doctor I know of wants to see their patients suffer and die! Especially when there is a safe and cheap regimen to treat COVID-19. To interfere with the sanctity and sacredness (if you will) of the doctor-patient relationship got me riled up and I got upset for what my colleagues have to now endure: criticism, censorship, and control.

Watch this week’s SMD if you’d like to learn what I did to handle my own reaction as well as the good news of CHOICE that you have to create and experience life on your terms. This week’s video is over 40 minutes, but I promise you that it is well worth it!

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