Spiritual Medicine Digest: Light Being Starseeds and TIME

I normally don’t talk a lot about Light Being Starseeds and their evolution through the ascension process as much as I could, because they have special and unusual “issues” that do not apply to the rest of humanity. However, I thought that this week, I would break from my usual focus to share a little of what goes on for those humans.

Light Being Starseeds (LBSS) are generally referred to light beings (aliens)who have incarnated into a human body for the purpose of elevating the light and love of the planet and the rest of humanity. They have big hearts and have volunteered to become human so that they can anchor love in the 3D world as physical beings. 

This is no small task.

As Light Beings, these folks are free from the constraints of having physical form (a.k.a. a body) and bask in the Oneness and Universal Love and Light of their brethren light being community. Once incarnated as human, however, they are cut off from their collective (it feels that way to them) and they make the lonely journey to remember who they really are while encased in a human meat suit.

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share some of the unusual challenges and gifts of being a LBSS, and if you don’t already know your Soul Type, you might find out that you’re one of them or maybe someone you know is one of them. LBSS’ have evolved a gift relating to TIME and I explain more in the video this week.



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