Spiritual Medicine Digest: Newborn Spirits

This week in the Spiritual Medicine Digest I have come across some strange answers for healing from Source. First off, multiple people have been affected by other timelines, but not as embodied people, instead as newly created spirits. Even more perplexing is that these individuals were all having trouble resolving these effects because of the same factor!

Back to the theme of being as of late, it turns out such a state of nothingness can open doors to a world of possible realities. Without an overabundance of doing, your being prevents fears from manifesting. I share how all of this ties into the new idea of STOIM- like I've said before, funny acronym, powerful results!

This week I also address how my fellow Light Warriors and I have been removing pain bodies. Relatable? If so listen in on how you can release these on your own!

Something for you star seeds as well- lots of proxying has been seen again, in large part because of the ascension energies around. I have all the solutions for you in this Spiritual Medicine Digestmuscle testing, addressing soul destiny count, etc. Don't be discouraged by these ascension glitches, you're not alone!

Finally, some announcements:

New blog is up on patchtrainingteam.com on x39 LifeWave patches. These little stars are great for activating stem cells helping to combat pain, inflammation, even lacerations. More in the blog on how to get your hands on these little miracle workers!

This coming Monday at 12PM EST the Light Warrior Radio will be featuring guest Dr. Erin Kinney on her body wisdom method. Not only does she specialize in working with women to fight adrenal fatigue, but she's inspiring and funny to top it off! Link to show to come.

On another note, calling all listeners- we need your help to decide on a topic for July 30th's mini-healing radio show! What topic are you guys eager to hear me focus on? Let me know!

Finally, my new video series entitled Light Warrior Wisdom is out and about. Keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube channel for updates on some of the most common mistakes made by Light Warriors while becoming acquainted with what it means to live a life as such.

And last but not least, check out my new InstagramTV channel! Handle @drkarenkan will bring you to my profile. Enlightened videos and content longer than 60 seconds to come!



Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
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