Spiritual Medicine Digest: Quick TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method to Heal “everything” you are feeling…

You know when unexpected things happen that don’t jive with the “plan” you had in mind? Life can seem to fall apart.  It’s so common that we resist “what is”.   I catch myself doing it (thanks ego!), but I’m learning to listen to my mind chatter but not take it as seriously. 

In this week’s SMD, I talk about how the sudden swelling in my knee 13 days before my international skating competition, where I’ve challenged myself and my husband (he he) to compete in all three disciplines of skating (singles, pairs, and ice dance), brought an amazing opportunity to be curious and courageous instead of worried and harried.

In the process, I’ve discovered an efficient and effective TOLPAKAN™ Healing Protocol that you can try, to quickly resolve symptoms related to “feeling too much of other people’s stuff”.  Because I am a Healing Type 4 (highest spiritual responsibility), sometimes I’m supposed to feel more than most people, in order to report what’s going on spiritually as well as usher in a healing for all.  However, I’m not personally keen on spending hours each day doing these healings on “myself”, so I’ve been testing out and devising ways to make it simpler.

Granted, if you are already TOLPAKAN™ Healing energy-attuned, you can try this protocol out for yourself and let me know your results, as I’m always testing and wanting feedback from my tribe.  Of course you might be one of the folks who find out that you need to know more and then I’d refer you to my TOLPAKAN™ Healing Guides 1-3 to search out the information (part of the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method Level 1 Training).

Enjoy this video! And feel free to comment below it after you’ve had a chance to try the protocol on yourself a few times.

Karen Kan
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