Spiritual Medicine Digest: Reversed polarity & the Infiniverse

This week has been a challenging week for me physically because I am demonstrating sinus, cough symptoms.  So I’m a little raspy for this week’s SMD, but the super-exciting thing that happened in the past week is that I’ve discovered a new protocol for reversed polarity?

Not sure what that is?  Well, it’s important for many of us, because sudden reversals in polarity cause all sort of havoc on not only our physical bodies but our lives.  In the video I share a few examples of what it might look like if you are polarity reversed.  My usual Polarity tapping routine only worked for a few minutes and BAM! I was reversed again!

But in this video I share with you what I did to discover this new protocol that “fixed” my polarity and it might come in handy for you too. I sincerely hope that you were not one of the folks who got brain fog, fell down, got into an accident, or broke something precious to you!

Watch this video to learn more about what this reversal had to do with the Infiniverse.


Next week’s Light Warrior Radio show will feature a pre-recorded interview I did with Taylor Conroy about TEDx talks and learn how TEDx is a game-changer when it comes to sharing your magic with the world.  Here’s the link.  It will air Monday at 12 noon Eastern.  If you miss it doesn’t worry, you can always click the link when you’re ready and there will be a recording.

Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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