Spiritual Medicine Digest: Trust, Faith, and Allowing…

How can we have more control over our lives amidst the ensuing restrictions, lock-downs, and COVID case numbers?

They say, what we resist, persists. But it is easy to fall into resistance. You could argue it is just human to resist. It’s also human to react.

But there is an evolution happening with humanity and you’re at the front of that wave. We are learning that there is a better way to live that just resisting what is and reacting to what we don’t want.

Trust, Faith, and Allowing is what I’m being guided to share with you from Source this week.

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest to learn more, including what questions you can ask using Divine Muscle Testing™ to see where you stand, as well as how you can elevate your trust, faith and allowing by getting into the auto-healing state.

How much do I trust the Universe to Co-Create the Reality I Desire?

How much Faith do I have that whatever Is happening can be for my/our highest and greatest good?

How willing am I to allow life to unfold with Love?



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