Spiritual Medicine Digest: Why arguing about the “Truth” doesn’t work…

It feels like things are heating up again around the world. And I’m not referring to the Delta variant, or the Lambda variant, or any other Greek-labeled variant. No, I’m not talking about fires and floods either. I’m talking about the debate going on between everyday people in everyday towns and cities across the world.

One of my medical colleagues had reached out to me some time ago. He used to work for the pharmaceutical industry. He’s been saddened by the lack of interest by the government and other agencies to support natural health strategies proven to work through rigorous studies. He isn’t a conspiracy theorist. Far from it. In his articles, he tries to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and alternative medicine. And he is an excellent writer.

For months, we’ve been messaging back and forth. He shares his evidence, and I share mine. I have found, however, that our paths have grown apart, mine veering off the beaten trail and his continuing to skirt the line between what’s acceptable and possibly censor-able. No matter what I bring to the table, he refutes it and vice versa. No matter how much data each of us shares with each other, we agree that we disagree on many fronts.

Then it dawned on me why arguing about the truth, about science, is a futile exercise and why we must see the bigger picture if we are to heal ourselves and this world.

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest and find out more. I offer a mini-healing at the end that I hope will help you! Remember to like, share, and subscribe if you enjoy the video.



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