Spiritual Medicine Digest: Why history repeats itself

Like it or not, there are unseen forces that influence our human lives. Quantum physicists tell us that “everything is energy”. There used to be thirteen months of the year coinciding with the phases of the moon. Women’s menstrual cycles would be like clockwork. It is believed that one of the ways to diminish the power of the feminine was to change this natural cycle to 12 months.

As the world wakes up more and more, we are discovering that some things we were taught in schools and believed without question, were part of a mechanism to separate us from our natural state of being and who we really are. Civilization has been around for much longer than we were told. The pyramids are much older than we were told.

Each of us is a powerful being. Our attention is powerful. Our awareness is powerful. And our choices and actions are powerful.

Most of us don’t remember our former/alternate lives. Some people do. But it doesn’t actually take a rocket scientist to know that history is repeating itself. Why do we have to be on this hamster wheel again? War, again? Segregation, again? Genocide, again? Tyranny, again?

There is a really good reason.


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Karen Kan
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