Spiritual Medicine Digest: Starseed Characteristics

Every Starseed I've met has been incredibly gifted. Most are highly sensitive humans. Many are like a “negative energy detector” and their bodies sound a warning when there is a frequency that isn't harmonious, whether that be EMF radiation, mind control, glyphosate in cereal or impending war somewhere on earth. Usually highly intelligent, starseeds are often innovators, creating amazing and incredible inventions (including technology).

If a starseed doesn't remember who they are when they incarnate as a human, sometimes there can be trouble. Negative human emotions can sometimes short-circuit their health and well-being, and prevent them from being fully grounded in their bodies. And when that happens they lose their ability to discern and to heal physically.
They love looking at the stars and lights because it reminds them of their other home. Many dream of flying or travelling in space.

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Karen Kan
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